Peninsula Regional (2012)

We, the totally awesome Octobots, (Team #8) competed in the 2012 NorCalFLL Peninsula Regional championships. During our day, we went from remarking upon our Robot Design, to discussing our Core Values (teamwork), to presenting our project.

Our Day

Robot Design

In the Robot Design Judging Room, we talked about how our robot is innovative, creative, and useful. We used a simple core that could be detached from one chassis to another chassis easily and quickly, so it was possible to swap from a sturdy “base” robot to an agile, moving robot within seconds. One of our chassis was a robot that was relatively thin, had a cage contraption on the front, and could do both the chair and the red quilt missions. Another was a base that launched a wind-up robot that could go and do the bowling mission. Yet another was also a base, with an arm that could lift the flag of the big TV in seconds.

Some pictures of these chassis are below.

Core Values

In the Core Values Judging Room, we discussed how our team worked together smoothly and productively. We then had an exercise where we chose one out of three upside down cards and then acted the word out, like in the game Charades. The Octobots’ word was “Hearing Aids”, and we had even more fun acting the word out.


In the Project Judging Room, we presented our project - Robotic Shelves. Our idea of Robotic Shelves is to have a robot that moves up and down two beams, picks up a shelf, and then brings the shelf down to a reachable level. The shelves are labeled, and the senior picks which shelf they want by a numbered or lettered keypad.

A cool wind-up robot that bowls! ^ _ ^

A picture of our main core that moves from chassis to chassis

The chassis that can do both the chair mission and the red quilts