Four Teams in Three Years

This is the fourth year of the PaloBots club, and with it two new teams launch to beat Nature’s Fury. The new teams will only have two kids returning from any of the previous years. We do not show publicly much about the kids during the seasons, but with four teams gone by, it seems like at least a few pictures are in order now.

The four teams over the last three years are:

  • #336 – TimeBots – 2010
  • #6763 – Lightning Bolts – 2011
  • #78 – SwineBots – 2011
  • #8 – OctoBots – 2012

And some pictures of them are below. Hope they all had a great time and learned a lot.

Peninsula Regional (2012)

We, the totally awesome Octobots, (Team #8) competed in the 2012 NorCalFLL Peninsula Regional championships. During our day, we went from remarking upon our Robot Design, to discussing our Core Values (teamwork), to presenting our project.

Our Day

Robot Design

In the Robot Design Judging Room, we talked about how our robot is innovative, creative, and useful. We used a simple core that could be detached from one chassis to another chassis easily and quickly, so it was possible to swap from a sturdy “base” robot to an agile, moving robot within seconds. One of our chassis was a robot that was relatively thin, had a cage contraption on the front, and could do both the chair and the red quilt missions. Another was a base that launched a wind-up robot that could go and do the bowling mission. Yet another was also a base, with an arm that could lift the flag of the big TV in seconds.

Some pictures of these chassis are below.

2012 PaloBots Team Season

The 2012 team season of the PaloBots is starting now (July). The meetings will be focused on the ‘Senior Solutions’ challenge. So far we have one team competing this season:

  • Team #8: The OctoBots

2011 PaloBots Team Season

The 2011 team season of the PaloBots is starting now (July). Club members can still ‘audit’ meetings, but the meetings will be focused on the ‘Food Factor’ challenge. We have two teams competing this season:

  • Team #6763: The Lightning Bolts
  • Team #78: The Swinebots

2011 PaloBots Club Season

The 2011 club season of the PaloBots will be starting in March. Please contact Mark or Rebecca for more information.

Received New FLL FieldSet for Body Forward

Received new FLL FieldSet for Body Forward season. Mat is much softer than I thought it would be. All kinds of different body parts and devices to be built.

Patrol Llama

My version of a patrol Llama. Original from Lego NXT site, and actually this got modded significantly after the picture (front wheels made no sense).