PaloBots is a club that helps kids learn about robotics, programming, technology, and teamwork. Our mission is:

  • To enable ‘rookie’ kids to become familiar with robotics, problem solving, and the basics of teamwork
  • To enable more experienced & committed kids to learn exceptional skills in robot design, team organization & leadership, public presentation, and other aspects
  • For any responsible kid (& parents) in the general Palo Alto area

PaloBots is meant to be “Serious Fun” – kids should be having fun while they are seriously focused on learning a wealth of new things.

For five years, PaloBots had both a club and a team period. During the team period we have run seven FLL teams:

  • Team #399: Mark’s Team (2014 season)
  • Team #7: Charlie’s Angels (2013 season)
  • Team #159: The Hurricanes (2013 season)
  • Team #8: The Octobots (2012 season)
  • Team #78: The Swinebots (2011 season)
  • Team #6763: The Lightning Bolts (2011 season)
  • Team #336: The Timebots (2010 season)

Due to conflicts with NorCal FLL and other demands on my time, I have (at least temporarily) retired from coaching teams and running the club in the spring. But I love robotics and know quite a bit about FLL. So if you are interested in starting a team, or need help running an FLL tournament, please let me know and I will see if I can help.

Additional PaloBots information is at the following wikis:

Information about FLL is at the following link: